3/8 inch PRO6C Compacted Drawn-Galvanized - PowerStrand Wire Rope

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W/R 6X19-3/8" WG COMPACT 2160


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  • Item # W61912BD-2160
  • Price (ea.) $ 1.74
  • Brand PowerStrand Wire Rope
  • Mfr. Model # W61912BD-2160
  • Ship Weight (lbs.) 0.26
  • Availability Ready to Ship


3/8 inch Powerstrand PRO6C Compacted Wire Rope
6 Outer Strands, Rotation Wire Rope
3/8" PRO6C wire rope is offered in 6x19 construction. Compacting the wire rope is designed for increased strength, flexibility and rope stability. It is commonly used as winch lines, clam shell buckets, logging mainlines, anchor lines, trolley lines and trailer loaders.
Construction:  6x19S (9+9+1) IWRC Drawn-Galvanized
Number of Outer Strands:  6
Load Bearing Outer Wires:  114
Fill Factor:  0.64
Grade:  2160
Minimum Breaking Strength:  18,600 lbs.
*Use of swivel is not permitted.

Made in South Korea

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