14mm PRO34K Non-Rotating Bright - PowerStrand Wire Rope

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  • Item # M140PRO34KA221R
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  • Brand PowerStrand Wire Rope
  • Mfr. Model # M140PRO34KA221R
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14mm PRO34K Non-Rotating Black Grade 2160
Powerstrand High Performance Ropes
An excellent 3 layer non-rotating wire rope.  Class 35x7 (conforming to EN 12385-4-2000), with 16 outer compacted langs lay strands,  This rope has a high tensile strength, the best in rotation resistance without compromising on flexibility and good resistance to drum crushing.  Strong reliability combined with outstanding load capacity creates a best seller for telescopic mobile cranes, tower cranes, offshore cranes and any application where a non-rotating rope is required.
Construction:  Powerstrand PRO34K (34 Compacted Strands)
Lay:  Right Hand Langs Lay
Total Number of Wires:  245 
Fill Factor:  0.715
Torque Factor:  0.009
Tensile Grade:  2160N/mm2
Minimum Breaking Strength:  191.0 kN (42,900 lbs.)
Use of swivel is permited
For Powerstrand PRO34K Strength Chart:  Click Here
For Full Powerstrand Wire Rope Catalogue:  Click Here(4.29 MB)
If you should need ends of fittings installed, please call 1.877.998.0808 or email info@bluejayindustrial.us
This product requires prep time.  Allow 1 week from receipt of order to ship.

Made in South Korea

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