TYC322 Scorpion Studded Singles with Cams - Scorpion Off-Road Chain

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  • Item # 14T1-TY32209C
  • Price (ea.) $ 184.05
  • Brand Scorpion Off-Road Chain
  • Mfr. Model # 14T1-TY32209C
  • Ship Weight (lbs.) 54.2
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9/32 inch (7mm) TYC322 Scorpion Studded Singles with Cams
These chains offer the most extreme traction with welded case hardened studs.  It is intended for use off-road in snow, ice, and mud.  Chains come equipment with side cams.  Cams allow for easy tensioning of chains.
Made to Canadian specifications, these chains do not conform to an SAE class as they are overbuilt, and components used are all oversized.  Ensure vehicle has sufficient clearance to use these chains.  Scorpion Studded chains offer the highest height profile off the tire, ride is very rough, but the case hardened studs on these chains dig into deep snow and grip the ice.  These chains should only be used off-roads.  The case hardened chain also makes this a good choice for mud service vehicles.
Typical uses would be for 4x4 for hunting & fishing.  Industrial applications would be for use on logging roads, and for off-road oil-field or mining access. 
This item fits the following tires:
245/85-16, 255/85-16, 265/85-16, 295/85-16
265/75-17, 245/85-17, 285/70-17
10-17.5, 245/85-17.5
235/80-18, 255/65-18, 265/65-18, 265/70-18, 265/75-18, 275/55-18, 275/65-18, 275/70-18, 275/75-18
275/45-19, 285/45-19 
245/70-19.5, 245/75-19.5
These chains are fitted with 3 cams per tire for easier tensioning of chains.  Simply install chain tight with cams in extended position, then close the cams as necessary to take up any residual slack.  It is not neccessary to close all the cams.  Just close cams to fit chains snuggly, but not so tight that chains exert pressure on the tire itself. 
Cam in Open Position        Insert Cam T-wrench       Turn Clockwise to Close      Cam in Closed Position
!!! Due to variations in tire manufactures, and the geometry of the suspensions in many cars - it is imperative that you find out that there is enough clearance for chains to be used. It is also important to install chains prior to actual use and examine for proper fit. If using on front wheel drives it is neccessary to turn wheels all the way to the left, and right to make sure chains will clear all components, and body work when car is in motion. !!!

Made in China

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