Scorpion Off-Road Chains


Bluejay Industrial is a full-line supplier of all winter traction chains.  Offering traction devices from Garden Tractor to large Skidder & Loader Vehicles.  We have cable chains, twist link regular chains, v-bar, square link, and studded chains.  


Going the extra mile, we also carry Canadian spec chains for users requiring stronger/heavier set of chains that will yield a lower cost/longer service life.  We have a full in house assembly area which can produce chains as small as 3/16 and as large as 1/2 inch studded.

The Canadian spec is designed specifically for contractors and government agencies that use the chains to perform their road clearing duties during much of the winter months.  While the Canadian sets are higher profile, more agressive, and beefed up, they have way longer service life and reduced maintenance cost.  The result is a lower cost per hour operating cost.
We represent the best manufacturers in the USA in Peerless Chain Co. and Laclede Chain Co.
Worldwide, we also source from Pewag Austria.
Bluejay Industrial is located in North Idaho and can in most cases ship next day.


Full Bluejay Traction Catalogue (3.1 MB)