Procraft Rigging Supplies

Bluejay Industrial is pleased to announce the release of our new Bluejay Procraft Rigging Hardware catalog. Procraft is our house brand of rigging hardware sourced worldwide. 


Included in this catalog are:

·         lever and ratchet type load binders

·         snatch block and yarding blocks

·         grade 30 & 70 chain

·         stud link anchor chain

·         forged and malleable wire rope  clips

·         forged alloy eye and swivel eye hooks

·         positive locking alloy swivel eye hooks

·         forged alloy clevis grab and slip hooks

·         forged twin and double clevis’

·         forged sling links and round rings

·         forged anchor shackles and chain shackles

·         forged jaw and eye swivels

·         standard zinc plated and heavy duty galvanized thimbles

·         stainless steel standard and heavy duty thimbles

·         fishing tube thimbles

·         forged eye&eye and jaw&jaw turnbuckles

·         low carbon repair lap links, cold shut & log staples

·         malleable timber washers

·         load rated trolleys and beam clamps