Powerstrand Wire Rope


We have completely re-written our Bluejay Wire Rope Catalog from scratch.  This edition has sections on construction, wire rope terminology, steel grades, handling, and discard criteria.  
Bluejay Industrial has a full service rigging shop. Wire rope is by far the largest category we carry taking over 50% of our floor space.  We strive on great customer service, competitve pricing and speedy turn around time for all your rigging requirements.
We carry a large selection of wire rope to service:
- general purpose requirements (Black, Galvanized, & Stainless)
- mobile cranes (Imperial & Metric)
- self errecting crane lines
- tower and luffing crane lines
- inside gantry cranes (Imperial & Metric)
- logging yarding equipment (long lines, strawline, chokers)
- tow truck winch lines
- theatrical stage, entertainment rigging
- stainless architectural railing cable
- snow groomer ropes